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I believe these truths can absolutely change you— like they’ve changed me. This 7-day devotional contains powerful glimpses into the holy moments of my life. These are the secrets that changed everything for me.

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About Luis Palau

Luis Palau has stood the test of time of serving the calling God placed on his life for over 50 years. He is known for his commitment to the Word of God and the clear teachings of Jesus Christ. Luis and his ministry have shared the Gospel with hundreds of millions of people through evangelistic events and media around the world. He has spoken in person to more than 30 million people in 75 countries, with more than 1 million registered decisions for Jesus Christ.

Luis Palau festivals have produced massive audiences in cities from south Florida to South America. His radio broadcasts in both English and Spanish are heard by millions on 5,000 radio outlets in 48 countries. He has authored close to 50 books, contributed articles on issues of faith to countless publications, and counseled business leaders, political leaders, and heads of state around the world.