Gospel opportunities in Bogotá and around the world

Today, I want to tell you what is happening in Bogotá, Columbia as an example of the incredible opportunities God is opening up around the world.

We are being invited by hundreds of local churches to share the Good News of Jesus Christ boldly in Bogotá.  The pastors’ conference last month was the first strategic step.  And if it is any indication of what’s to come – I can’t wait!  This has the potential to be a pivotal moment for the Church in Colombia.

9,700 pastors and church leaders!  That was the report from Andrew and the team in Bogotá just last month. (Below are a few photos from the event. Amazing!)

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It was a key moment for the Church in Colombia. A time to set aside their differences, come together in unity, dream about the future of their nation, and prepare for an entire summer of outreach in the capital city of Bogotá.

They called it the largest pastoral gathering in the history of the nation.  And I believe it.  The reports from Andrew and several close friends confirmed it over and over again.

God is doing something special in Colombia!
You’re prayers are working. 
Your partnership is making a difference. 

And just in the last few weeks . . . even more good news.

Open doors for 2 additional festivals in the outlying zones of Bogotá.  An added element to ensure we truly saturate the area with the Good News.

Right now, we need your prayers and partnership.  Opportunities like this are opening up around the world, and even strategic future opportunities like this in the UK are on the horizon.

Bogotá is arguably one of the most influential cities in Latin America.  It’s known as the gateway to the South . . . and the launch pad to the North.  The civil war has long faded.  The economy has rebounded.  Christianity has exploded.  Churches have popped up across the nation.  Doors for ministry are wide open.

Yet it also remains home to many unmet spiritual and social needs, and millions of individuals who have yet to hear the Good News of Jesus Christ.

So when the local churches came together to invite us to help with a festival – we had no problem saying yes!  That’s what we’re all about as a team.  And to be able to return to the city that helped start it all.  It’s a dream!

Of course, my cancer has put a wrinkle in my personal plans.  I still hope to be able to personally preach at the festival in August.  Andrew spoke to the pastors at the conference last month and I Skyped in via the web. 

Andrew will also take the lead as we head into the summer.  And that’s good. It’s what the Lord wants.  Andrew is so well prepared.  He was made for this.  And the locals have accepted him with open arms.  After all, he’s Colombian by birth.

Bogotá is a key example of what God is doing around the world, and we need you with us in all our efforts.

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Here’s a quick look at the latest developments.

Praise the Lord with us:

• The main festival in the heart of Bogotá is set for August 17.
• A major festival in a strategically located park in the north of the city has been added for August 18.
• A similar major festival in the south has been added for August 19.
• A major advertising campaign will launch in June.
• Affinity outreaches in prisons, universities, and neighborhoods. 
• Special outreaches to business leaders and civic leaders.
• Street teams saturating the region starting in June.
• Friendship Evangelism Training for thousands of believers.
• Television and radio ads will run throughout the month of July and into August. 
• International television broadcast of the festival via our friends at Enlace.
• International radio partners will also carry coverage of the festival.

It’s beyond exciting – the fact that God has even given us these opportunities.  Just think about the potential impact in this city of 8 million people!

Please pray for our team.  The work is extremely demanding.  The stress is serious.  But we are committed to making the most of this opportunity. 

Latin America needs the Good News.
Our world needs hope.


As I mentioned, God is on the move in Bogotá and around the world, including where you live in the UK!  To say YES! to the opportunities that are opening up we need added financial resources.

Would you please join with us today to help share the Gospel around the world?  

We greatly need your help in this.  Can I count on you . . . to help build up the Church and continue advancing our Gospel preaching work around the world?

The time is now! We’re expecting even greater fruit in the weeks and months to come – as you join with us in ministry.

I can’t wait to hear from you. I can’t wait for you to join with me and Andrew and our entire team for this powerful evangelistic effort in Colombia and around the world.

Your partner for the Kingdom,

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         Luis Palau
         Psalm 20

P.S.  I don’t know what the future will hold for me.  I just received the latest tests from the chemotherapy treatment and we're encouraged to see it is having a positive effect on the cancer, so we continue.  At the same time, I have very much come to terms with the reality that each of the festivals this year could be my last.  I want nothing to get in the way.  You can help accomplish that today.

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